Places to Find Lucky Lotto Numbers


People have found their lucky numbers in wacky places, like inside a donut!

People have found their lucky numbers in wacky places, like inside a donut!

There are all manner of ways players find their lucky lotto numbers. People use everything from birthdays to baseball scores in an attempt to finally land the big jackpot. Sometimes it works like a charm, but most of the time they’d be better of playing the quick piks. There have been real cases where people discovered their winning lottery numbers in unusual places, though.

TV Show Lucky Numbers

Back in 2011, when the TV show Lost was all the rage, two people each grabbed a $180 million jackpot using most of the numbers played by a character on the TV show, who was quite obsessed with them… to the point they were a recurring theme on the show. Not only did two people win with 4 of the 6 numbers, and two of their own, an astonishing 26,000 more lucky players each took home $150 by playing the exact numbers used on the show.

TV isn’t the only strange place people have used to find winning lottery numbers, though.

Out of Your Mind (or in it)

Sometimes they dance in your heads, just like sugarplums. In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Mary Wollens of Toronto, CA. Back in 2006, at the ripe old age of 86, Mary won the Ontario Lottery. She found h numbers in one of the most private places; her ole’ noggin’!

Yes, dancin’ around in her dreams was the 6 number combination, imprinted on a ticket just like the one she ended up buying. Even more interesting, she thought her dream so powerful she bought two tickets with the same number set. Good thing, too. While most of the time that would have done nothing but cost an extra buck, in this case it put about $4 million in her pocket!

You see, someone else had also chosen the same 6 numbers Mary did. Instead of splitting the $24 million jackpot in half, she had two shares to the other player’s one, meaning that instead of winning $12 million, she netted $16 million, a pretty great $1 investment!

I Quit!

An auto mechanic, oops! Ex-auto mechanic, in England won the equivalent of $10 million in the lottery using meditation. He visualized the winning numbers in his head, putting himself in a trance-like state. While there is no known scientific explanation for how he could either see the future, or influence the ball machine to drop only his chosen digits, that’s exactly what happened, and he was able to retire from his mechanic’s job.

Your chances of finding lucky lotto numbers by dreaming, meditating, or even using tea leaves are probably rather slim. In fact, slim may be on the next train out of town. It just goes to show though, that there are about as many places to find lucky lumbers to play with as there are people wanting to play them.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever found winning numbers? Leave a comment and let me know.

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