How to Select Winning Lottery Numbers

Can you win a lottery jackpot using your computer? Well, some people have done it by using their computer to run powerful software that helps them select winning number combinations. Isn't the computer revolution great!

Everyday in the United States alone millions of people play the lottery. In fact, there are 35,000 different authorized lottery games throughout the U.S. Many people have elaborate systems or other schemes to choose their lucky numbers, while others simply let the quick pick machines do the selection for them. That brings up an interesting question. Does anyone really know how to select winning lottery numbers?

After all, it is supposed to be a purely random game of chance. Can you actually influence the odds of winning in your favor? There are many systems people use to pick their winning numbers. One of the most common has to do with dates.

Players often use important dates in their lives to derive their chosen numbers, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation dates, and so forth. The problem with those methods is that, because they are so popular, it does little to improve your chances of winning, but it does increase the possibility that if you do win, you do not have to share your jackpot with so many of the other people who also picked the same numbers.

Lottery Wheels
Wheeling programs are another method used to choose winning jackpot numbers. It is one of the most popular systems people use to pick winners. What is a lottery wheel and how does it work to increase a player’s odds of winning? A lottery wheel is simply an arrangement whereby a play buys multiple tickets and chooses the numbers in such a way that they are virtually assured to have at least a share in a winning jackpot. It is not as easy as it sounds, however, which makes sense, or everyone would be doing it.

Types of Lottery Wheels
There are full and abbreviated wheels. A full wheel includes all possible winning combinations of a given number set., for example the numbers 1, 6, 29, 39, 45, and 49 on a 6/49 lottery. That is only an example. Your chosen numbers can, and probably would be different, as you can choose any numbers that you want to be in your set.

An abbreviated wheel is, as it sounds,  a wheel that does not cover as many combinations as does a full wheel system. It is used when players do not want to, or can’t purchase all of the tickets required to implement a full wheel system. It still gives you an increased chance of winning a secondary jackpot, and some players have been very successful with these.

A variation of the abbreviated wheel is the key number wheel. The key number wheel is used when you want to have a certain number (the key number) be in all the combinations. If you like to play your street number and it happens to be 47, you may want that to be in all your combinations. 47 would then be your key number.

How Lottery Wheels Work
Here is how a lottery wheel works. First, a broad set of numbers is selected. For example, you could define your set as 15 specific numbers out of the overall lottery’s 48 numbers. You then select a minimum guarantee, which is simply the least amount of numbers you want to match. For example, you could decide you want to match at least 4 of the 6 numbers drawn, which would mean your minimum guarantee is 4. Typically the goal of a wheel is not to win the entire jackpot, but to win one or more smaller jackpots.

The next piece of information you’ll need is how many numbers you’ll need to fall within the range of your set to guarantee that you’ll win at least some prize. Although this may all sound rather complicated, in reality it is much simpler than it sounds.

The Formula 1 Lotto Number System

Now there is a new system on the scene you can use to help select winning numbers. Called the Formula 1 system by it’s founder for the speed with which it can deliver winning number combinations, it was actually developed by an MIT professor over a 27 year period. That gives you an idea of the problem’s complexity. After all, when the possible number of combinations is so huge, you need a bit of extra help on your side.

If you’ve been trying to win the big jackpot, or even a little one for years now, then you know what I mean, don’t you? The Formula 1 system is powerful software that is guaranteed to work. If you don’t like what you see they’ll even refund your money, no questions asked. It’s pretty amazing stuff! To discover more about this revolutionary lottery number picking system – click here now.

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