The Most Popular Winning Numbers for the Powerball Lottery

Wouldn't you love to move into a waterfront mansion like this? Well, even the lottery wouldn't give you the cash for this one. It cost 25 million when it was built 90 years ago, but you can get the house of your dreams if you take home the next big Powerball jackpot.

If you’re like millions of other people, you play the Powerball lottery each week. One of the most popular way to pick lucky numbers is to determine what are the most popular winning numbers going back for some period of time and pick those as your numbers. After all, if they have been drawn with a greater historical frequency than the other numbers, doesn’t it stand to reason that they are more likely to be drawn in the future, too?

Many people subscribe to that theory. If one examines lottery drawings that use a single machine, such as the Powerball, there will be subtle variations form true random that will cause certain numbers to be chosen with greater frequency than others. There are many reasons for this, but because nothing can be made exactly the same without spending truckloads of money, the lottery associations that are behind the many different drawings (not only the Powerball), will aim for as much randomness as they can afford, but no more.

Because of this, they don’t quite make it to entirely, 100% random. That being the case, combined with the fact that there have not been enough drawings performed to have true randomness be reached, it is a great idea to examine past drawings to determine which numbers have been drawn most frequently. From that you can put together different number sets that may have a greater chance of being picked as winning numbers in future drawings.

Dr. Min Su Kim, a statistics professor at Southern University, has performed an analysis on Powerball drawings going back for an entire decade. This is great, because it gives a large enough sample size to provide us with some meaningful data. The larger the sample size the better, especially if the drawing equipment has not changed.

Enough Already. Which Are the Most Common Winning Powerball Numbers?

Here are the results from Dr. Kim’s number frequency analysis on the Powerball.
Red Balls (Powerball):
Most Popular Number – 20
2nd Most Popular Number – 37
3rd – 2
4th – 31
5th – 35

White Balls:
1st – 42
2nd – 16
3rd – 35
4th – 26
5th – 19

You can use these numbers to help yourself have a better chance at winning when you play the next Powerball game.

The thing is that simply knowing the most popular winning numbers is only the first step to giving yourself the best shot at finally taking home that big jackpot you’ve been lusting after for so long. Yes, it is a very important piece of data, but as with almost any other important bit of information, it is what you do with it that is the most important thing.

There are powerful systems and software programs that can take that data and much more, then perform a high level statistical analysis on it. From the results they can then determine the most effective mix of number sets that you can play to give you the best chance of coming up with a winner. Because there is unprecedented computing power on just about any computer, even the one you are using to read this, the chance at calculating winning combinations, given the proper software or system is better than ever.

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2 comments on “The Most Popular Winning Numbers for the Powerball Lottery

  1. Twiss on said:

    How many people that use these strategies actually win? I want to win somethin awful, but I’m skeered.

  2. lucky1 on said:

    Sorry for being so late to answer this for you.

    Many do, but you have to realize that even the best system will never guarantee a win. At best, they’ll give your chances a nice boost. If you’re playing with your last dollar in order to make your mortgage payment or something, it’s probably not gonna happen. Check out my free newsletter (see the subscription link on the right) for tons of info and strategies you can use to help your play.


    Steve P Jr

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