Picking Lucky Numbers – How to Help Your Lotto Chances

Want to get a card like this for some really fun shopping? Well, the AMEX black card would welcome you if you won the big lotto jackpot, but winning is essential because you have to spend $250,000 each year on the card. Better find your lucky numbers!

When you’re playing the lotto only one thing is important, picking lucky numbers. Plain and simple, that’s the difference between winning a jackpot and losing your money. If you’re a whiz at picking lucky numbers, you’ll have success, and if not it will be one week of frustration after another.

Here are some ways to help make sure you are choosing the numbers that will have the most luck for you when you are playing the lottery or other games of chance, such as keno, bingo, or roulette. A quick aside about keno. In many areas you can play keno games just about 24/7, and although you typically won’t win as much as you do if you hit a big lotto jackpot, you will win much more often than when playing the state lotteries.

One way to pick lucky numbers is with astrology. This is very popular, and in fact I did a previous post on astrology lucky numbers. There are many other ways to choose you winners though. One of the most popular is to use your birthday or those of a close friend or loved one. This is actually the most popular method used by people to try and get winning numbers.

Birthday Method
There are a couple of problems with the birthday method, however. One is that there is no evidence that your birthday numbers are actually luckier for you than any others. The second is that many people play their birthdays, which increases the number of people that choose numbers from 1 – 31. Because there are more people playing those numbers, any winning combinations using them will statistically be won by more people, so the take per person will be less money. Better to find some different numbers to use when you play.

Trend Lines
You can normally find the lucky numbers for state lottery games right on the state’s own website. It will tell you which numbers have won the most frequently, and which have been hot lately. That can help you pick your numbers, Remember that each contest is supposed to be a completely random, statistically independent event, and no one drawing should be able to indicate which numbers may be chosen in any future drawing. As can be seen from some of the patters indicated in the state lotto results, this is not always the case, no matter the though put into trying to completely randomize the results.

Life Patterns
Sometimes you can use your life patterns to discover your lucky numbers. If you are constantly checking the time and finding it ends in the same numbers, for  example. Those could be your lucky numbers. Have you looked at the clock or your phone and the time always seems to end in :44, or some other such number? In that example, 44 would be your lucky number. Have you always ended up on the same numbered street or road, even in different towns or cities? If it has a numeric value associated with it that always seems to be there, that could be one of your lucky numbers.

Statistical Analysis
Other than certain gut feelings you may have, the only way to be sure you are increasing your chances to win are by using a scientific based method. Statistical analysis is a way to actually analyze the numbers that have been picked in the past, in an attempt to discern a pattern, so the numbers that are more likely to be chosen in the future might be found.

The advent of powerful, affordable computers has advanced this tremendously. Just 15 or 20 years ago, the computers available to the everyday person would not have been powerful enough to do the heavy duty number crunching necessary to find the small variations that make up these lucky number patterns.

It helps to have someone from one of the most prestigious technical universities on your side when you’re developing the formula for such an analysis. In development for an astounding 27 years, the Formula One Lotto Analysis System is the type of powerful software you need to run the complex calculations necessary to find your lucky numbers. It was developed by an MIT professor to help you finally win those big jackpots you’ve been chasing all those years. To discover how he does it, click here now.

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