Lottery Numbers to Win – How You Can Find Yours At Last

Lottery numbers

So many numbers, so little time! Actually, there are ways you can find better number combinations. In fact, some are even guaranteed!

Winning the Lottery is no easy task. You know, you’ve been trying to win for years Finding the lottery numbers to win any of the major drawings, be it Powerball, MegaMillions, state, or provincial games, is all pretty much the same difficult task. There are several ways people have successfully used to zero in on winning number combinations.

Lottery Methods to Stay Away From – You’re Probably Using Them Now
First, a bit about what doesn’t work, and again, if you didn’t just fall out of the cherry tree this morning, you’ve probably tried these, too. In fact, some of these can actually hurt your expected return, by all but ensuring that you’ll win a smaller prize if you do manage to win. In particular, using the “popular numbers” method is especially poor in regards to this. Popular numbers include, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other special days.

Why is this method so bad? It’s simple, really. It is precisely because it is so popular that dooms you. More people laying a certain group of numbers means that if anyone wins using that group, the prize is shared between more people, so is consequently smaller. In addition, you’re all playing with a smaller number set, because dates only include numbers up to 31, the highest number of days in a month. Some people also use years, which helps somewhat, but it’s just not enough to warrant using this method.

Finding Numbers to Win – Better Approaches
One of the most popular ways winners use to grab their lucky numbers is using a lottery wheeling system or some variation of them. Again, that doesn’t mean that wheeling systems are actually the best way to win, but it is one of the most popular methods folks use. A wheeling system is a mathematically determined way of choosing a groups of numbers within a larger overall set of numbers.

The way these numbers are distributed ensures that if the winning numbers are all in your overall set, you are guaranteed to win. That doesn’t ensure you’ll win, because the winning numbers may not fall within the set of numbers you choose from, but it does substantially help if you’ve done your homework to determine what numbers you should include in that set.

A Guaranteed Win?
There are some even more advanced ways to help yourself to a jackpot, however. In fact there is one that actually guarantees you’ll win. That’s right, a guaranteed way to win a lottery jackpot! Yeah, I’d think it’s crazy too, except that the guy who’s giving your the guarantee has already won the lottery five times himself! That says to me that he’s on to something, and you’ll probably agree.

He developed a way to find winning numbers that surprisingly, doesn’t involve software. Software is favored by many people, due to the lottery being a mathematical problem. Computers obviously excel at finding solutions to math problems. So, just how does that five time winner do it, especially with enough confidence to give you a guarantee, if he’s not moving electrons around?

Well, he may not be using software, but he is doing something that’s arguably even better. What could be better than software for finding winning lottery numbers? After all, even professional statisticians have tried to tackle the lottery problem, all to no avail. Well, the man who developed this system may not be a statistician, but he may have an occupation that’s even better when it comes to developing a lottery system. You guessed it, he’s a math professor!

Not just any math professor, either, but one who worked on perfecting his proprietary system for years before finally feeling confident enough to unveil it for others to use. After all, if you’re going to put your name on something, you probably want it to be great enough that everyone will love it. In fact this guy though about releasing his system for years, but wasn’t sure it was really ready yet.

Double Your Money Back, Really??
Now however, he is sure. So sure that what he’s developed will help you finally get that winner you’ve been waiting for all these years, he’s willing to put his reputation in the line. Not just his reputation, but he’s giving you a double your money back guarantee! Now that’s confidence in your product you rarely see these days.

His system is so good that there’s even a more interesting story behind it that trust me, you’ll want to read. Really, it’s pretty amazing. To discover not only the fantastic back story behind who this guy is and the lottery system he’s developed, but why he is so sure that he can help you win he’s willing to give you that guarantee, click here now!

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