Lottery Game Patterns You Can Use to Find Your Lucky Numbers

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The lottery is all a bunch of patterns. They key to winning and maybe getting yourself a new house, car, or just about anything else you can imagine, is to find the winning patterns and avoiding the losing ones. Here is how you can start doing just that...

The lottery is nothing if not an endless series of patterns. The fact that each lotto drawing is a random approximation does not mean that no patterns form that cannot be used to help increase your odds of winning over time. On the contrary, frequent players and experts have discovered that when examining the same game over a period of time, subtle patterns can be observed that one can use to nudge your odds of winning that jackpot a bit more in your favor.

Deadly Lotto Patterns

For example, in the California Supper Lotto Plus, all odd or all even numbers are comprise slightly more than 5% of all winning combinations. That says that you absolutely do not want to choose a set of all even or all odd numbers when playing the California Supper Lotto Plus (or probably any other game) because your odds of winning are only 5% of what they would otherwise be. It also means that if you do not play all even or all odd number sets, your odds are slightly improved.

Remember, in lottery games the vents that happen the most often are the most likely to happen again in the future, so examination of the past drawings and the patterns that they make up is key to improving your winning chances.

Another pattern that has emerged over the years, again taking the California Super Lotto as an example,  is that your winning number combination will most likely be comprised of the entire spectrum of numbers, from low to high. In the case of Super Lotto Plus, it is from 1 to 47. What that means for your game is that you do not want to have all high or all low numbers. As with the all odd or all even number sets your odds of winning with all numbers in the top or bottom half is under 6%; not good at all.

More Lotto Losing Patterns to Avoid

There are some losing patterns that you want to avoid like the plague, because they almost guarantee a loser from the get go. For example there has never been a winning combination of 4 or 5 consecutive numbers. This has never come up a winner in the California lottery , and most likely in any other lottery either.

Something else to avoid, although many people do this every drawing, is to not play previously winning combinations. Many players succumb to this temptation, after all they’ve been lucky once before, so they can be lucky for me, right? WRONG! It is just about impossible, based upon the past drawings as evidence, that you will win a jackpot by playing the winning combination from a previous jackpot. Thankfully, the states publish lists of previously winning number combinations on their websites, so you can check them out.

As I mentioned before, avoid playing sequential combinations of more than 3 numbers, because you are almost guaranteed not to win. However that does not stop people from playing the popular combination of 1 through 5. Thousands of people actually play the first five numbers every drawing, although their chances of winning, based on past events, is virtually nil. Don’t fall into that trap, even if you have been doing it for years. If you are one of those people, stop right now, and find 5 new numbers to play that you might actually have a chance of winning with.

One thing about the lottery is that specific trends emerge, depending on which game you are playing. The above patterns are general in nature. Although they were taken from the California game, they apply to most others as well. Use them to your advantage when you’re picking your next set of numbers.

Lottery Winning Shortcut
If you’re trying to pick winners using the method most experts advise, which is trend tracking, you’ll  need a bit of help, unless you are a math genius. Face it, there are just to many combinations for any person with a normal brain to do this without a computer. That’s one thing about computers; they do math stuff really well, and finding winning lottery patterns is definitely math stuff. One of the most popular and effective is this software that will help you exploit the hard to spot patterns present in any lottery drawing. Click here now to see how it can help you get closer to finally winning your big jackpot.

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