How to Win the Lotto or Lottery – More Than Once!

Lottery Number Balls

Do you realize how bloody difficult it is to get the right 5 or 6 of these little balls to drop inot the tube so you can win? Oh, wait, you do realize. There are ways to help tilt the odds more in your favor though....

It is pretty darn tough to win the lottery, after all few people ever manage to win a lotto jackpot. Some people, however, have pulled off that magical feat more than once. Yes, Mable, there are multiple lottery winners. My wife even knows someone who has won the big jackpot an amazing 3 times! Now that you know it’s possible to become a multiple lottery winner, lets take a deeper look at how to win the lotto or lottery (whichever you prefer).

First of all, despite what you’ve read, there are no guaranteed ways to win the lottery; the big jackpot anyway. There are, however ways to dramatically increase your chances of not only winning, but increasing the expected size of your prize should you happen to win. That holds true for either the big jackpot, or winning one of the smaller prizes, which can still be a nice pot full of money.

How to Win the Lottery – 1

The first way to give yourself a better shot a winning the lottery is to use some sort of lottery system. Now there are many different kinds of these. Some are in books, while others are a bit more high tech, and these typically are some sort of software you run on your computer.

iPhone Apps for Picking Lottery Numbers – As of Feb, 2010, however, Apple has allowed developers to create iPhone apps in the lottery and gambling categories. This was something they had originally prohibited. It is much more convenient to check you phone or iPOD touch when you want to pick your next numbers, than it is to use your computer, so expect to see these apps proliferate rapidly. Now that the iPHONE is available for the Verizon network, more people may take advantage of it.

The fact remains though, that the computer software category is much more established, and developers have been creating powerful lottery software for many years. This means the category is full of different software tools to help you pick winning numbers when you play.

Some of these software packages are better than others however. On the low end, there are many simple random number generators repackaged as lottery software. While generating random numbers is certainly an application at which computers excel, in reality, you need far more than that to give yourself any real improvement in your winning chance.

Real lottery software actually incorporates powerful trend analysis algorithms to determine which numbers are actually more likely than others to appear in the state’s lottery machines in the next drawing. Some of these packages will actually import the numbers form the various lottery’s winning number databases and use that when calculating their odds. Because there are subtle variations from tru random for each individual game, that obviously makes for a much improved way to choose your numbers for a particular lottery than simply a RNG program.

How to Win the Lottery – 2
Lottery programs in books. There is some terrific information and a few great systems in these publications. However, you will not find it as easy (in most cases) to use as simply letting the software do it’s thing. In many cases however, the two are complementary. Use your favorite software to complement the system in your books of choice.

The problem is this; many people have developed great systems, fewer have published them, and fewer still have gotten software developers to make powerful programs that will do much of the work for you. Of those that have done so, fewer still have actually created comprehensive and easy to use (very important) software packages that you’d actually want to use.

Many people love to read, and if you’re one of those, I congratulate you wholeheartedly. Reading is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, whether in a book or on your computer. The one thing that most of the books have in common is that they were penned by someone with a strong math background. Since winning the lottery is essentially a math problem, it stands to reason, doesn’t it?

If you’re going to use a system from a book, make sure you get one that is easy to read. This stuff is incredibly complicated, so you want a system that is easy to understand, easy to implement, and effective. I’m sure you’ll agree that 2 out of three here just isn’t going to cut it.

I like Larry Blair’s Lotto Book. Not only is it a great read, but the back story is incredibly interesting too. Larry was a math professor (there’s that math background again) who had worked on the problem of winning the lottery for quite some time. In fact, it was one of the main ways to spend his time. Eventually all his hard work paid off, though, and he won the lottery using the methods he’d been working on. It didn’t stop at just one win though, Oh, no! Larry actually won again, and then again, using the methods he’d obviously perfected.

Now all of success attracted plenty of attention, since the news media loves stories like this. Unfortunately it also garnered the kind of attention that most people would rather not receive. In this case, it was from people who wanted to know how the heck he was so successful doing something 3 times which most people couldn’t even do once.

To make a long story short, Larry was actually accosted by a couple of thugs who put a gun to Larry’s head, and threatened to pop a cap in his noggin’ if he didn’t reveal how he was winning all those lotteries. Now, Larry, being a professor, was anything but stupid. He knew that even if he revealed what he knew, he could still end up with his brains splattered all over the ground, so he made a break for it. He did get away (good thing, too) but they made good on their promise to shoot him if he didn’t tell all. Good thing Larry is tough as nails and can run like a scalded cat, even with a bullet in his leg.

It’s a pretty interesting story, and shows the lengths people will go to win those big jackpots. Thankfully you won’t have to use any such measures, because Larry has written it all down for you. Yes, you can have all that he discovered through years of diligent research about how to win the lottery and you won’t have to get it at gunpoint, either.

To discover more about what Larry knows go to his website -  click here now.

If you’d rather have software do the work for you, see some very powerful lottery software – click here now.

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