How to Use the Law of Attraction to Win the Lottery

Want a brand new Harley like this one, but can't afford it? Try using the law of attraction, and maybe you can get it to come to you. The law can be extremely powerful at changing your life for the better, but can it really help you win the lottery, if you apply it just right?

Many people want to discover how to use the law of attraction to win the lottery. In case you’ve been pulling a Rip Van W for the last 100 years, the law of attraction basically says you can dramatically influence events and get things to come to you by using the power of your mind. This includes events supposedly outside of your control or influence. I’m not talking spoon bending or telekinesis  here, but much more substantive things, even including getting better jobs, increasing your income, getting new love interests, and more.

Many of the greatest achievers have applied these principles to reach all manner of success in virtually any endeavor. The Law of Attraction is probably best known from Napoleon Hill’s smash best selling book of 1937, Think and Grow Rich, which has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. That master work actually drew upon Mr. Hill’s previous book “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons”, which he published in 1928. That book referred to the law of attraction throughout.

“The Secret”
The law of attraction is sometimes referred to as manifesting, or “The Secret”, and in fact a book, and later a movie was released with this title a few years ago. Basically the Secret and the law of attraction mean the same thing; using the power of your mind to bring to you that which you desire to achieve. Many claim this has untold power, and nearly as many others claim it is psyhco gobeltey gook.

The essence of the law is that you can make things happen to you by using intense visualization and mental projection techniques, coupled with the power of positive thinking. You basically use the combination to “live” what you desire to attract, but in your mind instead of in the actual world. The combination of all of these techniques can, indeed provide dramatic results.

Can I Use the Law of Attraction to Really Win the Lottery?

What about it? Can you really use the law of attraction to “attract” a lottery win? Well, as I alluded to above, some wholeheartedly believe in this technique, and swear to have used it for increasing their lotto earnings, in addition to using it for attracting all manner of other positive life events, such as better jobs, weight loss, sports event wins, and even new cars. What about lottery jackpots? How can you use it for lottery success?

Well, I hate to spoil the party, but trying to win a mathematical contest over which you have no direct influence is not going to be easy, even using the law of attraction. Think about this for a second; the lottery probabilities are mathematically determined by the number of balls in the drawing and how many balls will be drawn form the total. Although it would be great to be able to manifest a jackpot winner, your chances of doing so are beyond remote.

Although the law of attraction and manifesting can deliver positive results in your life (yes, even wealth) and contribute to any number of great things, winning the lottery is probably not one of them. With this technique you are using the considerable power of visualization and positive thinking. If applied to the lotto you’d be using it to either tell the future or influence it.

Using the law of attraction you can influence your own actions, how you react to other’s actions, and possibly even other’s actions, there is little evidence that any application of this law can affect independent mechanical systems such as lottery machines. To give yourself any sort of advantage when playing the lottery, you’d have to use some very advanced statistical analysis and modeling techniques, and have access to as much historical data as possible regarding the drawing which you hoped to win. Mind control techniques simply won’t do it.

You can probably see how it would be very difficult to either see into the future to determine which numbers would be drawn or actually influence one of the state drawings, no matter how much you visualized it, ingrained into your mind, or otherwise tried to exert any influence from your consciousness over it.

What Can I Use to Help Me Increase My Chances?

So, if the law of attraction can’t help you to win the lottery, what can? Well, short of cheating in the drawing, nothing can guarantee a win. What you can do is maximize your chances of winning, and help ensure that if you do win, your jackpot will be as large as possible. I’m sure you can agree that these are  two very worthwhile goals.

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