Places to Find Lucky Lotto Numbers


People have found their lucky numbers in wacky places, like inside a donut!

People have found their lucky numbers in wacky places, like inside a donut!

There are all manner of ways players find their lucky lotto numbers. People use everything from birthdays to baseball scores in an attempt to finally land the big jackpot. Sometimes it works like a charm, but most of the time they’d be better of playing the quick piks. There have been real cases where people discovered their winning lottery numbers in unusual places, though.

TV Show Lucky Numbers

Back in 2011, when the TV show Lost was all the rage, two people each grabbed a $180 million jackpot using most of the numbers played by a character on the TV show, who was quite obsessed with them… to the point they were a recurring theme on the show. Not only did two people win with 4 of the 6 numbers, and two of their own, an astonishing 26,000 more lucky players each took home $150 by playing the exact numbers used on the show.

TV isn’t the only strange place people have used to find winning lottery numbers, though.

Out of Your Mind (or in it)

Sometimes they dance in your heads, just like sugarplums. In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Mary Wollens of Toronto, CA. Back in 2006, at the ripe old age of 86, Mary won the Ontario Lottery. She found h numbers in one of the most private places; her ole’ noggin’!

Yes, dancin’ around in her dreams was the 6 number combination, imprinted on a ticket just like the one she ended up buying. Even more interesting, she thought her dream so powerful she bought two tickets with the same number set. Good thing, too. While most of the time that would have done nothing but cost an extra buck, in this case it put about $4 million in her pocket!

You see, someone else had also chosen the same 6 numbers Mary did. Instead of splitting the $24 million jackpot in half, she had two shares to the other player’s one, meaning that instead of winning $12 million, she netted $16 million, a pretty great $1 investment!

I Quit!

An auto mechanic, oops! Ex-auto mechanic, in England won the equivalent of $10 million in the lottery using meditation. He visualized the winning numbers in his head, putting himself in a trance-like state. While there is no known scientific explanation for how he could either see the future, or influence the ball machine to drop only his chosen digits, that’s exactly what happened, and he was able to retire from his mechanic’s job.

Your chances of finding lucky lotto numbers by dreaming, meditating, or even using tea leaves are probably rather slim. In fact, slim may be on the next train out of town. It just goes to show though, that there are about as many places to find lucky lumbers to play with as there are people wanting to play them.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever found winning numbers? Leave a comment and let me know.

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How to Win the Lottery – Use A Lottery Syndicate

There is a great way to win the lottery that countless people throughout the world have used to grab their slice of the lottery jackpot dream; forming a lottery syndicate. However, there is also a very serious mistake some of those people make that can crush their dreams of retiring rich.This will let you know how to form a lottery syndicate and how it can help you win in ways that would otherwise be impossible for you.

There’s no question about, winning the lottery is quite literally a numbers game. You have to pick the right numbers in order to win, and it’s certainly no easy task, with the odds being in the millions to 1 against you in even the most advantageous drawings. Your task is to figure out how to win the lottery with the resources you have at your disposal. Naturally, increasing those resources will up your chances of winning.

One of the best ways to get more resources to aim at the problem, without committing any of your own, is by using a lottery syndicate. Lest you think that syndicates aren’t a powerful winning strategy, think back to how many times you can think of a group of people winning a big jackpot. I can refresh your memory here, since the most recent Mega Millions winner, a record for a single winning ticket of $319 million, was won by a syndicate.

What is a lottery syndicate? While syndicate conjurors up visions of organized crime, in fact it is nothing so sinister. It’s simply a group of people who have an agreement to all pool their resources so they can buy more lottery tickets for each drawing. That will increase their chances of winning, especially if they are buying their tickets according to one of the systems that use formulas to determine how the numbers should be distributed.

Of course you will need to share your winnings among all syndicate members, but a piece of the pie is surely better than no pie at all, correct? The sheer number of winners that have resulted from the syndicate strategy indicates that is both effective and popular.

Use a Formal Syndicate Agreement – Or Else!!
When dealing with amounts of money that are potentially so enormous, one thing you don’t want to do is leave anything to chance. After all, you could be possibly dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars. While that is admittedly a best case scenario, even a few hundred thousand is still a substantial amount of money, and you should be sure that all your “i”s are dotted and your “t”s crossed. The best way to do this and have all syndicate members know exactly what’s expected is to use a formal syndicate agreement.

All pertinent information and exactly what’s expected and what’s to be received from each member should be spelled out in detail. For example, it should list which game(s) will be played and how many sets of numbers each syndicate member will contribute to the overall number sets that are submitted. It should also explain how and when each member will be paid should any of the syndicate’s number sets result in a winning ticket.

Failure to record all the details in the syndicate agreement, or worse yet, having no agreement but an informal handshake style arrangement is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

For example, can you imagine 12 people all contributing 2 sets of 6 numbers. The 24 sets played results in a $24.7 million jackpot. Awesome! Now all 12 people have to actually get together and divide the money and make sure that everybody agrees and gets their fair share. People have been shot and killed over far less. It is just a great way to ensure everyone stays friends (and alive), so use a formal lottery syndicate agreement  when you’re forming syndicate.

Using a lottery syndicate is a great way to maximize your chances of winning a life changing amount of cash while minimizing the resources you’re investing to play. Dozens of syndicates in the U.S., Canada, and beyond have won the mondo prizes. You’ve seen them on the news, now it’s time to form one for yourself and your friends.

Click to download a sample Lottery Syndicate Agreement

Lottery Numbers to Win – How You Can Find Yours At Last

Lottery numbers

So many numbers, so little time! Actually, there are ways you can find better number combinations. In fact, some are even guaranteed!

Winning the Lottery is no easy task. You know, you’ve been trying to win for years Finding the lottery numbers to win any of the major drawings, be it Powerball, MegaMillions, state, or provincial games, is all pretty much the same difficult task. There are several ways people have successfully used to zero in on winning number combinations.

Lottery Methods to Stay Away From – You’re Probably Using Them Now
First, a bit about what doesn’t work, and again, if you didn’t just fall out of the cherry tree this morning, you’ve probably tried these, too. In fact, some of these can actually hurt your expected return, by all but ensuring that you’ll win a smaller prize if you do manage to win. In particular, using the “popular numbers” method is especially poor in regards to this. Popular numbers include, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other special days.

Why is this method so bad? It’s simple, really. It is precisely because it is so popular that dooms you. More people laying a certain group of numbers means that if anyone wins using that group, the prize is shared between more people, so is consequently smaller. In addition, you’re all playing with a smaller number set, because dates only include numbers up to 31, the highest number of days in a month. Some people also use years, which helps somewhat, but it’s just not enough to warrant using this method.

Finding Numbers to Win – Better Approaches
One of the most popular ways winners use to grab their lucky numbers is using a lottery wheeling system or some variation of them. Again, that doesn’t mean that wheeling systems are actually the best way to win, but it is one of the most popular methods folks use. A wheeling system is a mathematically determined way of choosing a groups of numbers within a larger overall set of numbers.

The way these numbers are distributed ensures that if the winning numbers are all in your overall set, you are guaranteed to win. That doesn’t ensure you’ll win, because the winning numbers may not fall within the set of numbers you choose from, but it does substantially help if you’ve done your homework to determine what numbers you should include in that set.

A Guaranteed Win?
There are some even more advanced ways to help yourself to a jackpot, however. In fact there is one that actually guarantees you’ll win. That’s right, a guaranteed way to win a lottery jackpot! Yeah, I’d think it’s crazy too, except that the guy who’s giving your the guarantee has already won the lottery five times himself! That says to me that he’s on to something, and you’ll probably agree.

He developed a way to find winning numbers that surprisingly, doesn’t involve software. Software is favored by many people, due to the lottery being a mathematical problem. Computers obviously excel at finding solutions to math problems. So, just how does that five time winner do it, especially with enough confidence to give you a guarantee, if he’s not moving electrons around?

Well, he may not be using software, but he is doing something that’s arguably even better. What could be better than software for finding winning lottery numbers? After all, even professional statisticians have tried to tackle the lottery problem, all to no avail. Well, the man who developed this system may not be a statistician, but he may have an occupation that’s even better when it comes to developing a lottery system. You guessed it, he’s a math professor!

Not just any math professor, either, but one who worked on perfecting his proprietary system for years before finally feeling confident enough to unveil it for others to use. After all, if you’re going to put your name on something, you probably want it to be great enough that everyone will love it. In fact this guy though about releasing his system for years, but wasn’t sure it was really ready yet.

Double Your Money Back, Really??
Now however, he is sure. So sure that what he’s developed will help you finally get that winner you’ve been waiting for all these years, he’s willing to put his reputation in the line. Not just his reputation, but he’s giving you a double your money back guarantee! Now that’s confidence in your product you rarely see these days.

His system is so good that there’s even a more interesting story behind it that trust me, you’ll want to read. Really, it’s pretty amazing. To discover not only the fantastic back story behind who this guy is and the lottery system he’s developed, but why he is so sure that he can help you win he’s willing to give you that guarantee, click here now!

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Lottery Prediction Software – The Key to Your Lotto Success At Last?

Can your computer be a powerful tool to help you finally get that lottery win you've been looking for? It sure can, if it is running the right kind of software.

Fresh off the heels of the largest ever Megamillions Lottery jackpot of over $350 million dollars (yes, that’s almost half a billion) there are a record number of Americans wishing they had picked their lottery numbers a bit better.  After all, in many cases it was just one or two numbers that separated jackpot winners from those collecting smaller prizes.  For that matter, it was just one or two numbers separating those who won nothing from those who won some nice prizes. How could they have chosen their numbers such that a win was in their future?
The answer may be as close as their computer, enhanced with the right lottery prediction software.

It’s no secret that the lottery is a numbers game, and it’s basically a crap shoot, unless you can discern those very subtle patterns that emerge after repeated drawings. Unless you’re a genius of the highest order, not only is discovering those patterns yourself neigh on impossible, just sifting through the reams of data that is necessary to do so is a task better left to NASA or ESPN’s stats department.

The fact is that in order to get any advantage at all over simply throwing darts at a board, you’ll need the kind of algorithm developed by a team with in-depth statistical analysis experience and access for the data to feed it. The only way that mere mortals can accomplish this is with lottery prediction software.

What Does It Do?
Well, as the name suggests, it tries to predict winning numbers for different lottery games. It’s how it does so that deserves a closer look. It’s actually doing something you could do yourself, if you had endless time, were a math genius, and had all the information close at hand needed to make the complex calculations that the software performs.

How Does it Work?
This is where it gets interesting. You’ve no doubt watched the lottery drawings; from the edge of your seat most likely, waiting for your numbers to get sucked up into the tube, or fall down the track. Nothing’s worse than when the first number out of the gate isn’t in your set, right? The whole evening’s shot after that, because you know that big jackpot’s not coming your way. Of course, you could have a smaller prize in store, and that’s not a bad way to end the day either.

Now the important thing is that the results from all those drawings the state does each week comprise a huge set of data. It’s that historical data from previous lottery drawings that hold the key to predicting the results of future drawings with any accuracy. The states doing the drawings imply their drawings are truly random, with no number more likely to be drawn than any other.

This, however is not entirely the truth, leaving an opening for anyone who can take advantage of the subtle trends demonstrated by the various drawings. They can use these hidden patterns to make off with more winnings than if they merely played the numbers given them by the state’s quick pick machine, or chosen out of thin air.

What makes the drawings not completely random? There are many things, but some of the most common are these:
•    The balls are allowed to mix for different lengths of time – even a couple of seconds can make a  difference

•    The balls are stacked differently before being dropped into the mixing drum. This can include the order they are placed in the hopper or the way the balls are facing.

•    Mechanical imperfections in the machine that lead to small variations in how the drawings play out. For example, there can be a small amount of play in the bearings holding the mixing drum, which can impart a small, but regular wobble in the drum’s action. This, in turn, can make some numbers more likely to go into the tube than others, because no matter how much they try (and sometimes the lottery officials don’t try too hard at such things) the balls are not exactly the same, so some react differently to the pick up action than others.

•    How the mixing paddles are lined up when the lottery balls go into the machine.

The presence of these mechanical variations is a great thing for players like you, who want to find something they can exploit to help them win more money, more often. You see, the previously mentioned factors can and do show up in patterns that can be found and used to your advantage. The problem for mere mortals is in finding the important patterns and exploiting them.

Fortunately, for machines such a task is no trouble at all. In fact, computers are tailor made for just such an exercise. There are several lottery prediction software packages out there, and they all work using basically the same principles. Where they differ however, is in their execution.

Most of the best prediction software uses a statistical model called an intervals curve. This is a way of examining past drawings to determine which numbers are most likely to be drawn again. This is where the minute variations in the equipment come into play. If any lottery was truly random there would be no way to spot any trends and software won’t work.

What is An Interval Curve and How Can It Help Me Win?

Typically you would expect that the state would come out ahead in any lottery game, and indeed, that is why they play. They know you are going to lose more than you are going to win. That’s how they make their money. If, however you can find some way to tilt the odds more in your favor, it becomes an entirely different ballgame.  The way to do that is with a statistical distribution model called an intervals curve.

An interval curve is, in oversimplified terms, a model used to predict the behavior of numbers. A lottery drawing is dynamic, meaning it changes every time. If you make a dynamic model of a problem, in this case getting as many numbers to match the state’s drawing as possible, you examine the interval between the resultant curves created when plotting the various results from the historical data obtained from the state. In this way you can determine the probabilities of all the numbers in the set to occur in any given trial (lottery drawing).

The largest obstacle to generating a list of winners every time is that there are variables that are simply not available to the software developers or the one using it (you). A partial list of  these variables was described above and all of them can affect the outcome.  Since they are unavailable, you have to use historical data entirely in any prediction attempt.

Is it even possible?

The preceding gives you some idea of the difficulty in predicting a lottery outcome on your own, or just throwing darts at a board to choose your numbers, with any degree of success. Indeed, to have any real chance of winning on a consistent basis, you’ll have to resort to using powerful software that can recognize the small variations that make up a pattern in past drawings, and doing advanced probability modeling to help determine which numbers are more likely to be drawn in the next drawing.

It just too tall a task to do the data mining, correlation, and model application required to produce any kind of favorable results, much less a jackpot winner. That’s why using a PC with the proper software is  one of the most important tools at your disposal if you want to shift the odds more into your favor. Using even the best software is no guarantee of a win, however not using it can almost guarantee you a loss every week. Just check your past results to confirm this

To evaluate some of the most popular lottery prediction software available today, using some of the most advanced lottery prediction algorithms, check out the newest software available. You know one thing about software, it advances very quickly, so the newest software has the best technology. Don’t worry though,  despite its considerable power, it is very easy to use, and has an interface that even the most computer phobic will find very simple.

Click here now to discover more about how it can help you predict your winning numbers.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Win the Lottery

Want a brand new Harley like this one, but can't afford it? Try using the law of attraction, and maybe you can get it to come to you. The law can be extremely powerful at changing your life for the better, but can it really help you win the lottery, if you apply it just right?

Many people want to discover how to use the law of attraction to win the lottery. In case you’ve been pulling a Rip Van W for the last 100 years, the law of attraction basically says you can dramatically influence events and get things to come to you by using the power of your mind. This includes events supposedly outside of your control or influence. I’m not talking spoon bending or telekinesis  here, but much more substantive things, even including getting better jobs, increasing your income, getting new love interests, and more.

Many of the greatest achievers have applied these principles to reach all manner of success in virtually any endeavor. The Law of Attraction is probably best known from Napoleon Hill’s smash best selling book of 1937, Think and Grow Rich, which has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. That master work actually drew upon Mr. Hill’s previous book “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons”, which he published in 1928. That book referred to the law of attraction throughout.

“The Secret”
The law of attraction is sometimes referred to as manifesting, or “The Secret”, and in fact a book, and later a movie was released with this title a few years ago. Basically the Secret and the law of attraction mean the same thing; using the power of your mind to bring to you that which you desire to achieve. Many claim this has untold power, and nearly as many others claim it is psyhco gobeltey gook.

The essence of the law is that you can make things happen to you by using intense visualization and mental projection techniques, coupled with the power of positive thinking. You basically use the combination to “live” what you desire to attract, but in your mind instead of in the actual world. The combination of all of these techniques can, indeed provide dramatic results.

Can I Use the Law of Attraction to Really Win the Lottery?

What about it? Can you really use the law of attraction to “attract” a lottery win? Well, as I alluded to above, some wholeheartedly believe in this technique, and swear to have used it for increasing their lotto earnings, in addition to using it for attracting all manner of other positive life events, such as better jobs, weight loss, sports event wins, and even new cars. What about lottery jackpots? How can you use it for lottery success?

Well, I hate to spoil the party, but trying to win a mathematical contest over which you have no direct influence is not going to be easy, even using the law of attraction. Think about this for a second; the lottery probabilities are mathematically determined by the number of balls in the drawing and how many balls will be drawn form the total. Although it would be great to be able to manifest a jackpot winner, your chances of doing so are beyond remote.

Although the law of attraction and manifesting can deliver positive results in your life (yes, even wealth) and contribute to any number of great things, winning the lottery is probably not one of them. With this technique you are using the considerable power of visualization and positive thinking. If applied to the lotto you’d be using it to either tell the future or influence it.

Using the law of attraction you can influence your own actions, how you react to other’s actions, and possibly even other’s actions, there is little evidence that any application of this law can affect independent mechanical systems such as lottery machines. To give yourself any sort of advantage when playing the lottery, you’d have to use some very advanced statistical analysis and modeling techniques, and have access to as much historical data as possible regarding the drawing which you hoped to win. Mind control techniques simply won’t do it.

You can probably see how it would be very difficult to either see into the future to determine which numbers would be drawn or actually influence one of the state drawings, no matter how much you visualized it, ingrained into your mind, or otherwise tried to exert any influence from your consciousness over it.

What Can I Use to Help Me Increase My Chances?

So, if the law of attraction can’t help you to win the lottery, what can? Well, short of cheating in the drawing, nothing can guarantee a win. What you can do is maximize your chances of winning, and help ensure that if you do win, your jackpot will be as large as possible. I’m sure you can agree that these are  two very worthwhile goals.

What can you do to to achieve these two goals? Well you can read the other posts in this blog, which contain valuable information to help you maximize your expected returns for your lotto dollar. If you really want the inside scoop, sign up for the Lucky Lotto Numbers Insider’s Secrets Newsletter right now.

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The Most Popular Winning Numbers for the Powerball Lottery

Wouldn't you love to move into a waterfront mansion like this? Well, even the lottery wouldn't give you the cash for this one. It cost 25 million when it was built 90 years ago, but you can get the house of your dreams if you take home the next big Powerball jackpot.

If you’re like millions of other people, you play the Powerball lottery each week. One of the most popular way to pick lucky numbers is to determine what are the most popular winning numbers going back for some period of time and pick those as your numbers. After all, if they have been drawn with a greater historical frequency than the other numbers, doesn’t it stand to reason that they are more likely to be drawn in the future, too?

Many people subscribe to that theory. If one examines lottery drawings that use a single machine, such as the Powerball, there will be subtle variations form true random that will cause certain numbers to be chosen with greater frequency than others. There are many reasons for this, but because nothing can be made exactly the same without spending truckloads of money, the lottery associations that are behind the many different drawings (not only the Powerball), will aim for as much randomness as they can afford, but no more.

Because of this, they don’t quite make it to entirely, 100% random. That being the case, combined with the fact that there have not been enough drawings performed to have true randomness be reached, it is a great idea to examine past drawings to determine which numbers have been drawn most frequently. From that you can put together different number sets that may have a greater chance of being picked as winning numbers in future drawings.

Dr. Min Su Kim, a statistics professor at Southern University, has performed an analysis on Powerball drawings going back for an entire decade. This is great, because it gives a large enough sample size to provide us with some meaningful data. The larger the sample size the better, especially if the drawing equipment has not changed.

Enough Already. Which Are the Most Common Winning Powerball Numbers?

Here are the results from Dr. Kim’s number frequency analysis on the Powerball.
Red Balls (Powerball):
Most Popular Number – 20
2nd Most Popular Number – 37
3rd – 2
4th – 31
5th – 35

White Balls:
1st – 42
2nd – 16
3rd – 35
4th – 26
5th – 19

You can use these numbers to help yourself have a better chance at winning when you play the next Powerball game.

The thing is that simply knowing the most popular winning numbers is only the first step to giving yourself the best shot at finally taking home that big jackpot you’ve been lusting after for so long. Yes, it is a very important piece of data, but as with almost any other important bit of information, it is what you do with it that is the most important thing.

There are powerful systems and software programs that can take that data and much more, then perform a high level statistical analysis on it. From the results they can then determine the most effective mix of number sets that you can play to give you the best chance of coming up with a winner. Because there is unprecedented computing power on just about any computer, even the one you are using to read this, the chance at calculating winning combinations, given the proper software or system is better than ever.

Free Lotto Secrets Newsletter

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How to Win the Lotto or Lottery – More Than Once!

Lottery Number Balls

Do you realize how bloody difficult it is to get the right 5 or 6 of these little balls to drop inot the tube so you can win? Oh, wait, you do realize. There are ways to help tilt the odds more in your favor though....

It is pretty darn tough to win the lottery, after all few people ever manage to win a lotto jackpot. Some people, however, have pulled off that magical feat more than once. Yes, Mable, there are multiple lottery winners. My wife even knows someone who has won the big jackpot an amazing 3 times! Now that you know it’s possible to become a multiple lottery winner, lets take a deeper look at how to win the lotto or lottery (whichever you prefer).

First of all, despite what you’ve read, there are no guaranteed ways to win the lottery; the big jackpot anyway. There are, however ways to dramatically increase your chances of not only winning, but increasing the expected size of your prize should you happen to win. That holds true for either the big jackpot, or winning one of the smaller prizes, which can still be a nice pot full of money.

How to Win the Lottery – 1

The first way to give yourself a better shot a winning the lottery is to use some sort of lottery system. Now there are many different kinds of these. Some are in books, while others are a bit more high tech, and these typically are some sort of software you run on your computer.

iPhone Apps for Picking Lottery Numbers – As of Feb, 2010, however, Apple has allowed developers to create iPhone apps in the lottery and gambling categories. This was something they had originally prohibited. It is much more convenient to check you phone or iPOD touch when you want to pick your next numbers, than it is to use your computer, so expect to see these apps proliferate rapidly. Now that the iPHONE is available for the Verizon network, more people may take advantage of it.

The fact remains though, that the computer software category is much more established, and developers have been creating powerful lottery software for many years. This means the category is full of different software tools to help you pick winning numbers when you play.

Some of these software packages are better than others however. On the low end, there are many simple random number generators repackaged as lottery software. While generating random numbers is certainly an application at which computers excel, in reality, you need far more than that to give yourself any real improvement in your winning chance.

Real lottery software actually incorporates powerful trend analysis algorithms to determine which numbers are actually more likely than others to appear in the state’s lottery machines in the next drawing. Some of these packages will actually import the numbers form the various lottery’s winning number databases and use that when calculating their odds. Because there are subtle variations from tru random for each individual game, that obviously makes for a much improved way to choose your numbers for a particular lottery than simply a RNG program.

How to Win the Lottery – 2
Lottery programs in books. There is some terrific information and a few great systems in these publications. However, you will not find it as easy (in most cases) to use as simply letting the software do it’s thing. In many cases however, the two are complementary. Use your favorite software to complement the system in your books of choice.

The problem is this; many people have developed great systems, fewer have published them, and fewer still have gotten software developers to make powerful programs that will do much of the work for you. Of those that have done so, fewer still have actually created comprehensive and easy to use (very important) software packages that you’d actually want to use.

Many people love to read, and if you’re one of those, I congratulate you wholeheartedly. Reading is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, whether in a book or on your computer. The one thing that most of the books have in common is that they were penned by someone with a strong math background. Since winning the lottery is essentially a math problem, it stands to reason, doesn’t it?

If you’re going to use a system from a book, make sure you get one that is easy to read. This stuff is incredibly complicated, so you want a system that is easy to understand, easy to implement, and effective. I’m sure you’ll agree that 2 out of three here just isn’t going to cut it.

I like Larry Blair’s Lotto Book. Not only is it a great read, but the back story is incredibly interesting too. Larry was a math professor (there’s that math background again) who had worked on the problem of winning the lottery for quite some time. In fact, it was one of the main ways to spend his time. Eventually all his hard work paid off, though, and he won the lottery using the methods he’d been working on. It didn’t stop at just one win though, Oh, no! Larry actually won again, and then again, using the methods he’d obviously perfected.

Now all of success attracted plenty of attention, since the news media loves stories like this. Unfortunately it also garnered the kind of attention that most people would rather not receive. In this case, it was from people who wanted to know how the heck he was so successful doing something 3 times which most people couldn’t even do once.

To make a long story short, Larry was actually accosted by a couple of thugs who put a gun to Larry’s head, and threatened to pop a cap in his noggin’ if he didn’t reveal how he was winning all those lotteries. Now, Larry, being a professor, was anything but stupid. He knew that even if he revealed what he knew, he could still end up with his brains splattered all over the ground, so he made a break for it. He did get away (good thing, too) but they made good on their promise to shoot him if he didn’t tell all. Good thing Larry is tough as nails and can run like a scalded cat, even with a bullet in his leg.

It’s a pretty interesting story, and shows the lengths people will go to win those big jackpots. Thankfully you won’t have to use any such measures, because Larry has written it all down for you. Yes, you can have all that he discovered through years of diligent research about how to win the lottery and you won’t have to get it at gunpoint, either.

To discover more about what Larry knows go to his website -  click here now.

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Lottery Secrets You Should Know Now

There are so many numbers and it is so darn tough to pick the winners. Think of the dozens or even hundreds of times you've played the lottery. Have you ever won? Wouldn't you like to? Well, you can't just keep going about things the same, old way and expect to win. After all what's changed? It's time to change strategies, so maybe you'll actually have a chance to win.

I’m sure you’ve dreamed about knowing how to winning the lottery. It’s a common dream, but what isn’t nearly so common is actually winning it. No, for most people the lotto is a 1-in-a-million shot, and in reality it’s less than that in most drawings. Knowing just how to win the big lotto jackpot is one of the secrets that just about anyone would almost kill to know, and some people very nearly have.

Instead of wracking your brain, trying to figure out what numbers would be plucked from the whirling basket, what if you had a way to help better your odds? What if you never had to guess what those winning numbers were going to be ever again? How is that even possible, you ask? It would be because you figured out the system and you had a lottery pattern that really stood a chance of helping you find winning numbers.

Someone Finally Figures Out the Lottery Secret

You know, there is at least one man who really did figure it out. He was not only a lottery winner, he was a 3-time winner. In fact, he achieved quite a bit of fame in his little corner of the mid-west for his lotto winning prowess.

Unfortunately, not everybody who knew of this man’s incredible good fortune were happy for him. No, all some people out there could think of was how to  discover what this man knew so they could use his incredible knowledge for themselves.

The Terrible Event That Nearly Changed Everything

It all came to a head one day when he was actually accosted in a parking lot by men with guns. They demanded he explain to them exactly how he was able to be so very lucky, so many times, when he played the lottery. Well, as you can well imagine someone would be when men rushed out of nowhere and stuck guns in his face, he was a completely shocked. I mean, that is an unbelievably terrifying situation, having a gun thrust in your face like that. I couldn’t even imagine what that would really feel like, but I think most people would have warm liquid running down their legs.

Well, he really did get shot by those guys, but thankfully he lived to tell about it. He made his getaway, but they put a bullet in him for his trouble, and you know the police never caught them.

Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

The man’s name is Larry Blair, and he is a university math professor, which helps explain how he was able to develop the kind of pattern recognition skills required for such an endeavor as winning the lottery multiple times. Blind luck just doesn’t explain it and most people simply don’t have the kind of brain it takes to be able to pull something like this off.

Well, you have a few options when you decide to play the lottery. You can just pick the numbers that you think will come out in some random way. Another way is to use the lottery code that has been successful for so many other people that you are sure to have success with it.  His lottery strategy has really stirred up a lot of commotion.

It is a secret that so many people have struggled to find, and I bet you have spent quite a few hours yourself trying to pick better numbers and dreaming about what you’d do if you actually won. The professor spent years developing a way to win the lottery, and he really did it, after years of perfecting his formula.

I mean, he actually had his life threatened because his lottery pattern was so successful, so you know people really mean business about wanting the secret.  They wouldn’t go to those lengths if he wasn’t winning way more than anyone else, right?

You may be wondering that, too.  What could be so great about these lottery secrets that someone almost lost their life over them?  Well, it’s pretty darn easy to answer that.  People are struggling in today’s bad economy as they struggle just to make ends meet, much less buy anything special.  Many folks are losing their jobs and even their homes because they just can’t pay their bills.  Now, what if you could make things a lot better on yourself by simply playing a few numbers and hitting it big? I’m sure you’ve though about it. We all have. It sounds really amazing and it can definitely happen to you.

What’s it Take to Win Like That, Anyway?

You know that just because you don’t have his math skills doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of what he discovered. Remember, Professor Blair is a college math teacher. That means that he is an expert at making the most difficult concepts easy to understand. He also knows that times are tough and winning the lottery would be a life changing event, even more so than in the past.

That’s why he decided to make his system available for everyone, and was able to make it super easy to understand for even the most mathematically challenged. Don’t be afraid that you may not be able to understand how his system works. It is so simple that just about anyone, from a 16 year old busboy to a 60 year old CEO, can do it. Really, there is no reason to fear, unless you wonder if you could handle all the money you might win.

A Glimpse Inside His “Secret” Lotto Book

Here is an small sample, just a tiny part of only one of the chapters from of the incredible book that Professor Blair has put together:

“You can see that one number from each set comes from the last four drawings. Now look for the leap-froggers, the numbers that will keep you in the high/low spread, and the numbers that can be added to make other numbers. (05+08=13). 07-23-30-47 06-15-39-45 02-05-27-37 the 2&5=7+20 from zero hits = 27. 12-14-26-34 08-12-23-38 12+23=35 from zero hits. 14-17-31-44.

The numbers that haven’t been drawn recently will balance the high/low; odd/even. Now search the numbers that are sequential sets (14-15) and sequential odd sets (15-17). 05-07-23-30-42-47 06-10-15-16-39-45 02-05-20-27-37-42 12-14-23-26-34-49 08-12-23-35-38-48 03-14-17-31-44-45. At first, you could not notice the relationships between the numbers, but as you gain experience, it will be a lot easier and you won’t have to force the numbers to fit”

Don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as difficult as it might seem from this little excerpt. The professor takes you by the hand and leads you through it, step by step,  just like 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C.

Really, knowing how to use his special lottery code is not something that takes a genius.  Professor Blair walks you right through it, you just have to put one foot in front of the other.  You simply need to have a small understanding of numbers and how they work.  If you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about. He’ll teach you all you need to know, in a short period of time. Remember, he’s a teacher!
You know, you can do it. You can be successful if you just take the small amount of time it takes to read the code and do what he shows you.  It is also something that can change your life for years to come.

You don’t even have to win the big jackpot, either. Just imagine how a few of those $5,000 or $10,000 winners would help you about now. It would be pretty darn nice, wouldn’t it? If you want to be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life, winning the big jackpot even one time is all it would take don’t you think? Remember that Professor Blair has done it three times. Then take a few moments to discover what his lottery strategy is and how it can help your lottery play.

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Most Picked Winning Lottery Numbers – Megamillions and More

Want to win the lottery so you can get into that new BMW? Well for many, that may be their only hope of getting one. Fortunately the lottery games are not entirely random, so you may actuallly have a hope of winning....if you know how to take advantage of the trends.

Winning the lottery is a dream of millions throughout the world, even those who never play! It seems silly that people who don’t play would dream of winning, but you know people like that, don’t you? One of the things that people who do play the lottery are looking for is the most picked winning lottery numbers, because they think that it will give them an advantage.

Well, it may give them an advantage, but perhaps not in the way they think. You see, there are subtle patterns that crop up if one analyzes the huge number of lottery drawings held by any organization. The problem is that few people are equipped to conduct a proper analysis of these patterns, so they can gain any sort of advantage from them.

The most picked winning numbers are not simply numbers that you can play each week and hop to repeat the success of previous drawings. There are very few instances where a set of six numbers has ever provided a repeat winner, so if that’s what you’re hoping for, you’re out of luck. No, you need to let go of that dream right now, and dig a bit deeper.

A thorough statistical analysis reveals that although the state and other lottery organizations claim that the lottery is a truly random drawing, that is not entirely the case. There is enough variation from true random to ensure that you can sometimes use trend analysis of the most picked winning numbers to your advantage.

For instance, if you take the Megamillions Lottery as an example, there are some things you can discover by looking at the frequency of winning numbers in past drawings. However, it is not just which numbers won that you need to look at. You also need to examine when they won, and the distribution of the winnings. If a specific number was part of the winning combination 6 times, but that happened in an 18 month period, 3 years ago, it probably does not apply now.

I’ll spare you the gritty details for those of you that never took a stats class, but rest assured the number distribution of Mega Millions is anything but random. In fact, one comprehensive statistical analysis revealed that between 1999 and 2007, there have been statistically significant abnormalities. For example, prior to 2002, the number 19 was drawn twenty one times, while the number 4 was pulled from the hopper 46 times! These two numbers are more than 2 standard deviations from the mean, which is the middle number of times all numbers were drawn. That turned out to be 34 times during the 8 year period of the analysis.

In 2002, the Mega Millions game changed from a 50 number pool to a 52 number pool. That had the effect of dramatically lessening your chances of winning. That makes the length of time between jackpots longer, and as a result the jackpots are larger, enticing even more people to play, despite the reduced odds of winning. A nice racket, don’t you think?

What can we determine by looking at the 52 number version of Mega Millions? Well, if you’re looking for trends, you can certainly spot them there. Again, there are significant variations from what could be expected if the number drawings were truly random. In the years from 2002 to 2005 , when the game was changed again, this time up to 56 numbers, there were a few numbers that appeared in frequencies either far above or below what could have been expected from a purely random drawing.

For example, the number 32 was drawn 45 times, and the number 10 was picked 44 times. On the other hand, the number 33 was picked only 20 times. Sound random to you? It isn’t purely random, as all 3 of these these numbers are more than 2 standard deviations from the mean number of times that they should be drawn during this time period, so there are certainly trends at work here.

A similar trend can be observed for the mega ball. Some are drawn far more or less than could be expected by pure, random chance if the game is entirely random. From 2002 to 2005 34 was chosen as the mega ball 14 times. On the other hand, the number 51 was only chosen a single time.

From the time the game changed to 56 possible numbers in 2005, until the analysis concluded in 2007, there were again trends apparent that one could observe. For example the number 47 appeared in only 10 drawings, while both 7 and 53 were selected 30 times. Again, all three of these numbers were more than 2 standard deviations from the mean.

What does this mean for you, even if you never play Mega Millions? It’s simple, really, whether you play mega Millions or any other state lottery game, you just can not trust that the games are purely random. That does however, offer you an advantage if you are positioned to take advantage of the phenomenon. If you can do a thorough analysis of the trends present in the drawings, you can possibly give yourself an edge over what you could achieve with no statistical insight.

The question is just how are you supposed to do that? After all statistical analysis at that level is none too easy even for the most astute minds, and discerning trends from the data is even more difficult. The answer naturally falls to computer software and the charts and graphs they can produce.

Face it, spotting trends among the thousands of lottery results is far from simple, even if you spend the hours it takes to gather up all the picked numbers from whatever games you play. Factor in actually getting the data into whatever formulas you may be using so you can get something that makes sense enough to help you pick winning numbers, and you’ll soon realize that good software or the formulas derived from them is the only answer.

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Software for Picking Lottery Numbers – Can it Help You Win?

How can you get the muscle to pick wining number combinations? It takes a bit of luck, some hard work, and in many cases, the right lottery software to sift through the endless number of combinations and find the winners!

Winning the lottery is no easy task. You already know that of course, unless you’re one of the lucky few who have won the lotto, or perhaps won it multiple times. What secret methods do those people have that you should know about? Can it really be nothing but really good luck?

Well, it could be, but chances are it is something more. One of their secrets is software for picking lottery numbers. Because any solution to winning the lottery is math based, software is an ideal solution, because if there is one thing computers excel at, it’s math.

The problem is that the number of possible combinations is positively huge. So huge in fact, that it virtually impossible to predict which way the odds will go if you’re not using one. Many of these software applications work by analyzing past results for subtle patterns and which number combinations should be expected to be more common in future drawings. Because lottery drawings are ostensibly random, like a coin flip, once the drawings have been held enough times you can expect that the combinations should even out. It’s just like when you flip a coin.

Although every flip is an independent event, you can expect that after enough flips you will get the same number of heads and tails, even if it does not start out that way. So, if you flip a coin 100 times, you would expect to get 50 heads and 50 tails, but it would actually be something like 42 heads and 58 tails. That means that if you flip it another 100 times you would expect the odds to even out somewhat, and get proportionately more heads.

That same principle actually provides a great opportunity to choose a higher probability combination. Those trends are powerful, and with software that can analyze them, you can use them to your advantage when playing the lottery.

Some software is merely random number generators, but others are trues trend and pattern analyzers, and those are the only ones you should concern yourself with. The reason is simple. Random number generators don’t really do anything for you but suck money out of your pocket, and that’s the opposite way it should be going! On the other hand, powerful software that can actually analyze the past winning number combinations going back for years is extremely powerful, and the kind of help you need if you want more consistent winning results.

The key is solid statistical analysis and pattern recognition, because that’s what it takes to be able to predict what combinations may do well in the next drawing (the one you’re going to enter). It is certainly no easy task, but thankfully you have at your disposal the keys to solving the puzzle. In fact, you’re looking at it right now! It’s your computer.

The best programs take advantage of the incredible power that has been harnessed by personal computers in recent years. Heck, a modern PC is many times more powerful than even a super computer was only a decade or so ago. That tremendous power can be put to use plotting orbital trajectories for NASA, creating statistical models for the government’s economics department, or helping you win the next lottery!

Two Big Software Advantages for Picking Numbers

Here’s how it all works. Even the most basic lottery software has two huge advantages over trying to pick numbers yourself. First of all, it can gather a huge number of data from past drawings and present it to you in a manner that is easy to understand, and do it right now! Just imagine trying to do this by yourself, with paper and pencils spread out all over the place, and you’ll quickly

Formula one lottery software

The best lottery software will have a powerful, easy to use interface that makes it easy to pick the best combinations. This example is Formula One lottery software. Note the easy to read color codes that make it a snap to pick the best numbers. Click on the image to discover how it works to pick your best numbers.

realize what a huge benefit this is. If you could even get all of that data together, it would take weeks or months, and you would have great difficulty putting it all together in an easy to understand fashion, not to mention the difficulty of using what you had come up with to actually pick your numbers!

The second advantage of even low level lottery software is that it has no emotion. Just like Mr. Spock on Star Trek, it only looks at what has been successful in the past, and what hasn’t. The better software will also give you in-depth trend analysis and other advanced features, but all software, no matter how advanced, has the advantage of being immune to the kind of things that can get humans sidetracked away from picking consistent winners. That includes refusing to let go of their “lucky” numbers, even when those so called lucky numbers have never won anything for them.

Computers have no such problems. Those two benefits alone can pay you huge dividends when you start using software to pick your lottery numbers, but the better software that is available today will take your game far beyond that.

The best software has data available for all the major games being played in every state and most other countries as well. They will work for Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Pick-6, Pick-7, and Powerball / Mega Millions games. Think about how many games that is and you’ll realize that would be a daunting task for even the most math oriented lottery player. You can just choose your desired game from a drop down list, analyze the data from past drawings from that specific game, and give you good combinations to play.

The better software will also automatically filter out poor statistical combinations, such as consecutive numbers, and only give you those number combinations that have a real chance of winning you at least a partial jackpot. (By the way, those “little” prizes can really add up in a hurry!) The best lottery software uses extremely advanced statistical modeling techniques that go far beyond what the basic random number generating in some of the more basic packagers can accomplish.

There a subtleties that the more basic software just can not recognize, and those subtle patterns are just where the winners (the ones you’ve been waiting for) are to be found. Those applications can look at broad, historical data from dozens or hundreds of past drawings done with the same equipment at the state’s lotto offices. They can then mine that wealth of data for the subtle trends and use the trends they find to give number combinations that shift the odds more in the player’s favor.

Kinds Lottery Software to Pick Numbers Lottery Entry and Syndicate Management Software

There are a few different kinds of lottery software available. Some use used more for managing your entries, which can be very useful if you regularly play many different combinations, or if you’re part of a pool or syndicate with several other players. It can be a time consuming job to accurately keep track of all those different combinations. That’s where syndicate or entry management software comes in. It takes care of these mundane tasks for you, and does it far better than you could do it yourself. That means you can instantly determine which of your combinations has won how much and when. You’ll be able to get an instant readout of the return you’re seeing on any or all of your combinations.

Lottery Wheeling Software

Lottery wheeling software can instantly generate lottery wheels. It will show you exactly which numbers you should play for your wheels, and give you the combinations you should play for the numbers. It couldn’t get any easier, which is certainly more than you can say for doing wheels manually!

Number Generating Software

Many lottery software packages are nothing more than random number generators, and the more advanced software typically includes that functionality also. It is exactly as it sounds, using the computer to spit our randomly generated combinations of numbers for you to  play. Why would anyone want to do that, instead of picking their own lucky numbers? Simple, really; you get better combinations if you have a truly random set of numbers, and that’s what the software provides. It is will not tilt the results toward a particular combination, so that you get real random patterns, just like you want.

Pattern Analysis and Recognition Software

This is the heavy duty stuff, like the CIA uses to break codes and weather department uses to predict the weather. It will not give you winning numbers in every case, but it can show you any biases in the equipment, which tend to produce certain numbers more often that pure chance would dictate, and that’s just what you need to sniff out winning combinations. The number drawing machines are mechanical systems after all, so they will have some sort of built in bias that can be read with sophisticated enough software.

Remember, even the best software does not guarantee that you’ll be a big jackpot winner, but for those looking for even the slightest edge, it is sure better than what your competition is using! Weather you choose to take advantage of what lottery software offers is up to you, but look at how many times you’ve played and think about how many winners you’ve had. In most cases, it’s not much, is it? Would you like to improve your past results?

The answer is right in your hands, if you load it with the proper software. One of the most popular lottery software packages is Formula One, named for the speed at which it can generate results. Click here now to discover the inside scoop!

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